Charity: Shaldon Wildlife Trust Ltd

Shaldon Wildlife Trust Ltd
Clare Morgan
(01626) 872234
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Ness Drive, Shaldon, South Devon, UK, TQ14 0HP

Set in an acre of woodland garden above the attractive coastal village of Shaldon, we look after, and help preserve, some of the rarest and most endangered animals in the world. Our work at Shaldon Wildlife Trust is vital to the long-term survival of many animals at risk of extinction in their natural habitat. The animals here benefit from a very high standard of care. From the design of exhibits to nutrition and veterinary support, we are able to maintain a diverse collection of healthy animals. Through the specialist care of our dedicated staff and volunteers, we contribute to the long-term survival of species through regular breeding. None of our animals have been taken from the wild; the majority were born in our zoo or come from other collections taking part in specific breeding programmes to ensure their survival. We are also involved with several in-situ conservation projects around the world.


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